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Is there life after menopause?

More than you can imagine.

From investing to divorce, women in history to abortion, Life After Menopause takes you on an authentic and unfiltered journey through being a woman in her midlife.

Any questions, trials, tribulations, ideas, wonders that you’ve had as a middled-aged woman, you can bet they will answered and discussed on this podcast.


Dr. Thomas JordanNew York City Psychologist/Psychoanalyst

Exceptional Podcast Interviewer!
Karen O’Connor invited me to interview on her podcast, Menopause, Marriage & Motherhood. I’ve interviewed on a good number of podcasts, but this one was unbelievable. She set the relaxed and conversational tone from the beginning. Spontaneity and openness were easy throughout. So much so, that we went overtime and didn’t look back. The interview was truly an experience to remember. Interviews like this one stay with me, because the depth of conversation is extraordinary and as a love life researcher it is really useful to talk about my experiences in a shared forum this deeply. I recommend this podcast to anyone interested in a stimulating and meaningful analysis of topics worth thinking about.
Thank you Karen!

Imogen Lamport

Being a podcast guest interviewed by Karen O’Connor of Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood Podcast is a great experience. She was very open to content ideas and was really interested in covering topics of interest suggested by me as well as having some great ideas and input about what her audience’s interests are. The recording session was professional and easy and her communication during the process of set up and then promotion afterwards was thorough. I’ve been interviewed twice now for the podcast and would be more than delighted to be a guest again at any time if her listeners are interested.

Marc Nuss

Karen was an amazing interviewer. Straight away she made me feel at ease and kept the whole process light. Her questions showed that she was prepared and kept a great flow going throughout the whole podcast. I loved that she was genuinely interested in what I had to say and was totally engaged throughout. I enjoyed it thoroughly to be on her podcast, the time just flew by!! I would highly recommend her as a podcaster and an interviewer. Looking forward to being invited back!!!!

Gail Tagarro

Dear Karen
Thank you so much for posting the podcast yesterday!
I've just been listening to it and I'm really pleased with it! You are a great interviewer, really you are. You ask the right questions at the right time and you made the process really easy. Thank you so much for the opportunity of being interviewed. 🙏🌼

Susan JarvisThe Spicy Boudoir

Wow!! What a great chat!! I'm looking forward to it being released.