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Meet the host

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Speak up Podcasting - Karen O'Connor
KATE BALLANTYNE (formerly Karen O'Connor), Host of Life After Menopause, and Founder of Speak Up Podcasting

About Kate Ballantyne

In 2018, Karen’s son gifted her a book “blogging for dummies”, after telling her he couldn’t find “blogging for middled aged women”. She then began her journey. Blogging about her experience with menopause,  family, children, in other terms; her life.

It wasn’t until 2020, that she started her podcast Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood. Karen’s journey through menopause was, like many other women, a confusing, painful time. Menopause is still a highly misunderstood, and under-researched biological process. Yet it is a key part of every female’s life. So she sought to talk to professionals, and other women to share the knowledge she wish she had known when she was going through it.

More than that, Karen realised she was surrounded by incredible women with astonishing stories that no one was hearing. Over the next four years, she used her podcast as a platform for ordinary woman to share their stories, for politicians, doctors, all kinds of professionals to voice their knowledge on topics that would improve the average middle-aged woman’s life.

Although like all good things, there is a time when change is necessary. The name, Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood didn’t reflect the corners of life Karen and her guests were exploring, it was beginning to feel restricted.

So in 2024, Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood transformed into Life After Menopause.

And Karen transformed into Kate.

This is the podcast – and host –  that are here to remind you that your life did not end when you went through menopause. It is only just beginning.