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Navigating Relationships with Ex-In-Laws During Christmas with Nancy Diaz

As we delve into the complex interplay of culture, migration, and mental health, let’s add another layer to the discussion—the challenge of navigating relationships with ex-in-laws during special occasions.

How do you manage the expectations, desires, and intricacies involved, especially when these dynamics are amplified during festive times?

In this episode Nancy Diaz, shares her journey of moving to Australia and finding her calling in working with this specific population. Nancy emphasizes the importance of self-care and the challenges faced by women in balancing cultural expectations and their own desires. She also discusses the impact of separation on migrant families and offers advice on how to navigate relationships with ex-in-laws during special occasions. Nancy highlights the power of mindfulness and the effectiveness of brain spotting in trauma therapy.

Nancy is a trauma-informed therapist, speaker, and host of the Global Citizen Therapy podcast. She specializes in working with women of color who are daughters of immigrants. Nancy is originally from the US but has been living in Australia for the past five years.

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CEO & Founder of Global Citizen Therapy

“Sometimes we have this idea in our head that Christmas needs to look a certain way, that a wedding needs to look a certain way, when in reality, sometimes the person who’s actually celebrating doesn’t want that.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Why setting clear expectations and communicating with your ex and their family is crucial before holiday events.
  • How to prioritise the well-being of your children while also considering your own mental health.
  • How to establish personal boundaries and decide what topics are off-limits for discussion.
  • How to navigate co-parenting effectively begins with understanding it as a long-term commitment.
  • How to prioritise your well-being involves practicing self-care and having a plan in place for managing stress and emotions, particularly during and after family gatherings


” I realised that gender played such an important role, especially across different cultures, across different countries.”

“Just because it was like that in the past, sometimes we just have to grieve and realize that’s how it used to be and those memories will always be with us.”


03:27 – Common experiences of women of color and daughters of immigrants
08:11 – Impact of family separation on migrant families
13:13 – Multilayered issues faced by daughters of immigrants.
14:09 – Isolation and stress for parents with limited English proficiency.
17:07 – Dealing with extended family during separation and migration.
19:26 – Finding community and acceptance in other ways.
23:19 – Importance of strong communication in handling relationships and disappointments
25:48  Breaking generational cycles by having uncomfortable conversations
29:58  Shifting conversations to lighter activities to create a safe space
33:47  Embracing a range of tools and techniques for personal growth
34:47  Combination of mindfulness and other tools for individual effectiveness

Nancy Diaz is a trauma-informed therapist, international speaker, podcast host, and Self-Care expert. As the CEO & Founder of Global Citizen Therapy, Nancy specializes in working with women of color who are daughters of immigrants and is passionate about mental health.

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