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Adaptability, Curiosity & How To Cope With Stress With Karen O’Connor


When I think about the pandemic and the last few years, the different ways in which people responded was, for society divisive, but also fascinating.

Why did they respond in that way? Is there a common trait in the personality of those who hate change? How does the long-term stress response make people act, and how linked is that to a person’s adaptability?

Does the flight or fight response impact our adaptability to change? 

I am the type of person to fight, whereas my husband has a freeze response. The way we responded to the pandemic, and any real struggle in our life, is entirely opposite.

In this episode I explore how our fight or flight responses impact how adaptable we are, how to best cope with street and why I believe being curious makes you more resilient. 


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About Karen O’Connor

Blogger, Author, Entrepreneur

Changing the dialogue around menopause and midlife.

As a Podcaster I create a safe space and community for the stuff of Midlife. I provide more than a hub of information I am changing the dialogue around menopause and midlife for women with fun, love and laughter.

After (hopefully, successfully!) raising four kids, being married for 30 years, going from regular month-to-month pay cheque jobs to creating a multi-million dollar property development business (and a number of other businesses with varying degrees of success and failure), to going broke and starting again…

…there’s a heap of experiences and life lessons just waiting to be shared.

Life is about learning from our mistakes and the heartaches we might encounter, but it’s also about having fun and making sure we’re surrounded by laughter…

Which is what you’ll find here in the podcasts & blogs: the highs and lows, successes and failures, sprinkled with fun, love and laughter, because it makes life just so much brighter.

This is all about sharing those things rather than keeping them to ourselves, listening to “ordinary” women’s stories and relating to them, finding common ground and inspiration.