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Carbon Footprints: Why It’s Not All About Planting More Trees with Richie Mulder

We’ve probably all heard the term “carbon footprint” but how many of us know what our carbon footprint is, why it matters and what we can do about it?

And minimising or negating our carbon footprint goes way beyond planting a few trees.

Carbon footprint refers to the total amount of greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide, emitted by an individual, organisation, or community over a specific period. All creatures on earth have a carbon footprint, i.e. they produce carbon in many forms, and our atmosphere is designed to deal with that. What we’re producing these days is way beyond nature’s capacity to manage.

You don’t have to be an “eco-warrior” or live off the grid to reduce the impact that your life or business has on the planet or even to support the planet positively. There are a few easy things that we can all do as businesses and individuals that can make a big difference.

Accredited carbon specialist, Richie Mulder from Carbonhalo, talks to us about how we can all make a huge difference to our community as well as the planet.


  • 01:25 – The concept behind Carbonhalo 
  • 04:15 – The meaning of carbon neutral
  • 08:56 – What we do and don’t do well when it comes to our carbon neutrality
  • 14:17 – How the environmental efficiency ratings work
  • 20:18 – What you can do to reduce your carbon footprint
  • 25:05 – Why Carbonhalo does not to focus on planting tress
  • 28:33 – The impact on the river systems
  • 29:25 – Our base carbon footprint & the costs of our emissions
  • 34:23 – What small business do to reduce their emissions
  • 38:22 – Being conscious of our impact on the environment & how to find out more about Carbonhalo

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About Today’s Guest: Richie Mulder

Over 20 years professional experience and more than 10 years consulting experience in the mining and resources sector.

Having spent 20+ years in corporate business, as an accredited carbon specialist has seen the impact on our environment and the difficulty for most to do something about it, Richie is on a mission to educate and simplify what can be a complex area.
Growing up on the beach, is an avid surfer, has a wife, two young children and is quite particular about coffee and exhibits some OCD on cleanliness

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