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This is how to change your life with Karly Nimmo

The thought of doing something new is terrifying. And with age, it just gets more and more scary.

But what happens when you take the plunge and do make changes in your life?

There are so many barriers that stop us from trying something new: the fear of what other people will think or the idea that after a certain age there is no point (just to name a couple). And a big one is a feeling of guilt…I should be at my job working right now or I should be at home doing something productive. My guest this week, Karly Nimmo, took a deep breath and did something completely outside her comfort zone… and found herself with a new confidence and zest for life!

Join myself and Karly in conversation as she tells us about her experiences of trying something new and the power in investing a bit of time just for your own personal fun. This is something we can all benefit from! Listen now!

Change your life with Karly Nimmo

About Today’s Guest: Karly Nimmo

Artist and Podcaster

Karly Nimmo is a No. 1 iTunes podcaster, with three hit shows; Karlosophies, Keeping Good Company (now wrapped) and Make Some Noise.

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