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Chronic stress, Mental illness and Disconnection; Why we Need to Process all of our Negative Emotions With Psychologist Dr Marny Lishman

Many of us grew up with people telling us not to be angry or not to be “ridiculous” – this idea that we can show some emotion, but we have to suppress others.

Dr Marny Lishman is a psychologist who joins me this episode to talk about adaptability, wellbeing and change. After the last couple of years, many of us have become more stressed, unhappy, and ultimately mentally unwell. And unfortunately, we have been grown up without being taught to properly process negative emotions, leaving us overwhelmed, and triggered at any moment.

Join us in this episode to talk about mental health and how you can best navigate your emotions. 

About Today’s Guest: Dr Marny Lishman

Health & Community Psychologist, Author, Leader Wellbeing & Mindset Coach, Keynote Speaker, Media Commentator and Channel 9 Perth’s Resident Psychologist.

Her work involves creating agility of the mind, so that her clients can become more successful in their professional and personal life. Marny helps her clients increase their psychological capacity to not only design & create the life that they are envisioning, transform their internal capabilities to beyond what they thought possible, but deal with life’s individual and collective disruptions that people will inevitably face on their pathway to success.

An experienced facilitator, trainer, speaker, therapist, coach and mental health program developer, Marny has worked in a range of industries that has included designing and implementing government prevention programs, to training professionals in cutting edge evidence-based programs in the health industry.

Marny is presently focusing her efforts on mindset development in teams and delivering inspirational and influential presentations to audiences to arm them with the
psychological tools to increase their own psychological capability and flexibility to fit with todays fast-moving and uncertain world.

Connect with Dr Marny Lishman: