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Dr Ivana Matic-Stancin: Approaching Perimenopause Holistically, and Why Women Need Each Other During and After Menopause

Ever thought about the different things that happen during menopause? What changes—like feeling different in your body, mind, or emotions—have you noticed during this important time?

Dr. Ivana Matic Stanson discusses the importance of taking a holistic approach to perimenopausal health. She also highlights the societal messages and expectations that can add to the stress and overwhelm experienced by women during this transition. By providing education, support, and guidance, Dr. Stanson helps women navigate perimenopause and embrace the next stage of their lives with confidence and well-being.

Dr. Ivana Matic Stanson is a perimenopausal health specialist, she also provides one-on-one consultations, group appointments, and online coaching to help women navigate the challenges of perimenopause and transition to a healthier and happier stage of life.

Perimenopausal Health Specialist, MD, DIP OBS&GYNE, FRACGP, FASLM

Perimenopausal health is about addressing all possible angles because we are such complex beings.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why does perimenopause demand a holistic approach
  • What are the factors that can contribute to the severity and duration of perimenopausal symptoms
  • How mindfulness and reflection can help women navigate the challenges of perimenopause
  • Why understanding the physiological changes happening in the body during perimenopause is crucial for women to make informed decisions


01:25 – Dr. Ivana Matic’s approach to holistic perimenopausal health
07:28 – Importance of community in healthcare
12:02 –  Perimenopausal symptoms and the importance stress management
19:42 – Slowing down, reflecting, and finding a new way of being
25:28 – Understanding the physiology of the body
30:39 – Adjusting eating habits and self-care
36:56 – Transitioning to perimenopause in a healthy and informed way

Dr. Ivana Matic Stanson is a perimenopause health specialist GP from Melbourne, offering a wide range of services and support to perimenopasal women who are experiencing unpleasant symptoms transitioning through this natural hormonal shift. She is also consulting online as a lifestyle focused medical doctor/coach/therapist in my Doctorivana online digital practice.

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