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Episode 110 – What Every Woman Can Do To Secure Her Future Right Now

Women aged 50+ are the fastest growing category of homeless people. Don’t believe me? Listen to episode 77 to find out all about that –

But there are a few easy things that we, as midlife women, can do to kickstart the second half of our lives and secure ourselves financially.

Jeannie Doherty has a passion to help every woman be financially independent and has founded Cloud 9, a strategic book keeping business to help people do exactly that, but she’s also a serial entrepreneur and an expert in a fair number of things, including skincare. Find out what Strategic Bookkeeping actually is, how to really take control of your financial future whether you have a business or not, why mindset is the key to any kind of financial success, and how to have fun while doing your bookkeeping (a bizarre idea, I know!).  Find out the five step process that Jeannie has to move your finances forward, as well as the easy way to avoid and repair ageing skin. This is a priceless conversation!

I want to see women like me get their own financial independence. And bookkeeping is a job where you get paid. You can get paid well, if you value yourself and you’re prepared to ask for what you’re worth, and as a strategic bookkeeper, you can get paid even better because you help someone save a quarter of a million dollars. That’s their business. Trust me, they’ll pay you a lot of money.

About Today’s Guest: Jeannie Doherty

Certified Trainer, Lisenced BAS Agent

Jeannie is an award winning Strategic Bookkeeper. She runs Cloud 9 Strategic which is a bookkeeping practice which takes a holistic approach to help their clients get cashed up, optimise their profit and build their dream business and life. Personally she’s a proud mum, latin dancer and advocate for putting your health first.

Cloud 9 Strategic was established in 2010. We reside on the beautiful Gold Coast, and service clients all over Australia. Specialising in Strategic Bookkeeping for small to medium trades and professional services, for over a decade Cloud 9 Strategic has grown into a thriving practice by word of mouth from hundreds of happy clients and you can read our reviews here.

While Bookkeeping on it’s own is a cost, Strategic Bookkeeping is an investment with returns, by way of increased profit and cash, generally 5 to 50 times you’re investment. There is no successful business owner who doesn’t know & use their numbers Cloud 9 Strategic exists to help business owners thrive. We’re on a mission to go beyond Numbers 101, to educate and support you to get cashed up, optimise your profit and build your dream business and life.

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Strategic Bookkeeping

While Bookkeeping is a cost, Strategic Bookkeeping is an investment designed to support business owners to get cashed up, optimise their profit and build their dream business and life.

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