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Episode 112 – Why Losing Weight Is All In The Mind

How many times have you seen people (or have you done yourself!) shovelling popcorn into their mouths when they’re watching a scary movie? Or found yourself standing in the pantry, bag of chips or bar of chocolate disappearing into your mouth as you wonder what it is you want to eat?

Until you realise you’re doing something, you have no choice but to do it, and unless you have a very good reason for wanting to change it, it’s not going to change, regardless of how much you think you want it to change.

James Jensen is a functional medicine practitioner and integrative pharmacist who is passionate about treating the root cause of symptoms through natural therapy for a range of health issues, including diabetes, hormone health, anxiety, fertility, weight loss, and children’s behavioural management.

Years of observation and treating people has shown him that putting people on a diet is no guarantee that they’ll lose weight or even be healthier. What’s important is why they eat what they do, as well as lifestyle factors such as stress, anxiety, sleep problems. Deal with those and then the weight loss generally happens naturally. Get the hormone balance right in the body and things fall into place so much more easily.

“A lot of people will come and visit me in the clinic and they’ll say, “Hey James, I want to lose weight. I’ve been overindulging & I want to lose weight.” And I’ll say, “Well, why do you want to lose weight?” And they’ll often look at me sort of with this blank stare…”

About Today’s Guest: James Jensen

Functional Medicine Practitioner & Integrative Pharmacist BPharm MPS

Deals with modern medicine from a holistic viewpoint

After years as a Pharmacist, James began developing a passion for natural health.

He found himself looking more and more to natural remedies for patients and he discovered that his patients were looking for natural alternatives also.

James taught himself all he could, before opening a health food store, which then became the health food store and integrative medicine clinic that is is today.

James now runs a busy clinic seeing 40 patients a week to help with a range of issues including Hormone Health, Anxiety, Fertility, Weight Loss and Children’s Behavioural Management and Digestive Issues.

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