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Ep113 – The Hidden Blessings of Menopause with Brenda Rogers

Most of the focus on midlife and menopause is negative: the mood swings, the brain fog, the admittedly awful symptoms, but there’s a huge, and often hidden, blessing in changes taking place.

The hormonal changes taking place during midlife & menopause cause us to reflect on where we’re at with life and what we really want. What if, instead of resisting that, we embrace it as an opportunity?

One of the main things about going through menopause is how unsettling the whole thing is, how it makes us question everything we’re doing, our decisions, our relationships, our careers. It’s commonly called a midlife crisis.

Brenda Rogers decided to take the crisis and do something with it. She spent time with Indigenous elders in the Uluru region, then did research into other traditional tribes around the world in the hope that she could support women in Western societies to experience menopause & midlife as a powerful opportunity rather than a negative this-is-the-end-of-my-useful-life, death-is-knocking-at-the-door thing.

“Oestrogen hijacked us when we were 13 for a purpose, we become this woman geared for survival of the species… And then at midlife, oestrogen withdraws, so at 50, we’re more like who we were at eight than who we were at 25.”

About Today’s Guest: Brenda Rogers

Business Owner, Clinical Naturopath, Certified Life Coach, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Yoga, Meditation & Spiritual Teacher, Menopause & Wise Woman Educator

Brenda Rogers is a clinical naturopath and life coach specialising in midlife and menopausal transition. She’s passionate about working with the new generation of women and men who are creating an empowering new paradigm for what mid-life looks like – powerful ambassadors for the wisdom of the third stage of life.

Brenda helps women transition gracefully through menopause and into what can be the best years of their lives to become a steady, unflappable champion of change for our community.

Instead of struggling with weight gain, sleeplessness, anxiety and self-doubt Brenda’s programs support women to reenergise and ground so they can feel comfortable in their skin and confident of their place in a world that idolised youth.

Brenda is a passionate spokesperson and advocate for many topics including menopause as a rite of passage and women reclaiming their voice, their kitchens and their bodies. She uses food as medicine, nutritional & herbal remedies, naturopathic and yoga philosophy, and skilled life coaching conversations to inspire others to live their lives with ease and grace.

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