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Ep115 – How To Write A Book… Easily! with Gail Tagarro

The saying goes that most people believe they have an idea for a fantastic book but they never get round to writing it.

One of the reasons that I started this podcast was to share people’s stories. So many of my friends had the most incredible things happen in their lives, good and bad, and their stories are amazing. Yet few people ever get round to putting down what’s happened to them, let alone write a story or a how-to book, mainly because the mere thought of doing that is completely overwhelming.

If someone asked us to put in writing the most profound moments of our life, the ones we most want to share with our grandchildren, most of us would look at the blank piece of paper or blank screen and never manage to write a thing. It’s just too overwhelming.

The thought of putting anything about ourselves, whether that’s something that actually happened or a story we made up, is very confronting for a variety of reasons.

Yet, wouldn’t it be a shame if all those memories or ideas or pearls of wisdom never saw the light of day?

If someone took you through the whole process, step-by-step, till you’d written that book, would you do it? Would it be worth it?

“Start right at the beginning with setting up a structure for the book, that really helps to get started because then you’re not starting with a blank screen or a blank piece of paper. That’s the thing that puts most people off.”

About Today’s Guest Gail Tagarro

MA in English & Spanish Linguistics, Accredited Editor, Journalism degree

Gail Tagarro is a book writing coach, Accredited Editor, and published author. Around seven years ago, she began working with a US client, Bianca Williams, as her editor. Bianca became the author of the extremely successful award-winning sports romance trilogy ‘Sidelined’, and has sold over 50,000 copies of her books. Bianca commented one day that Gail was more than just her editor, she was her book coach. That was an epiphany for Gail when she realised it was true!  After a 16-year ‘apprenticeship’ as a professional editor, she evolved into coaching aspiring writers to write their books.

She’s now developed her coaching into several book writing programs: two self-led online programs, a group program, and a 1:1 program. Gail loves helping aspiring writers achieve their dreams and business goals.

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