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Ep116 – The Secrets of a Successful Separation with Nicole Jevtovic

So many divorces seem to drag on for years on end, getting more and more acrimonious and costing more and more money.

Yet many people never even consider settling through mediation: getting together and discussing how things will look in the future. Part of the reason for that may be that they’re not aware how much quicker, easier and and much less painful mediation can be.

After spending years in the family courts, family lawyer and mediator, Nicole Jevtovic, saw too much pain, expense and time being spent on matters that might have just been discussed and settled reasonably amicably if only the two parties would talk directly to each other rather than just in letters or through solicitors.

Going to court is a stressful and very expensive process and, quite often, there can be few assets left at the end of it. With mediation, a huge amount of matters get resolved even when neither party thought that it would resolve. In Nicole’s view, no one’s ever a hundred percent happy at the end of the day but the majority of the time, people are happy enough with the outcome and they glad they didn’t spend tens of thousands of dollars on going to court.

“I am shocked at how many times I go into a mediation and both of them say, there’s no way we’re going to get an agreement [but] we’ve got an agreement by the end of the day.”


About Today’s Guest: Nicole Jevtovic

Master of Laws, Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Psychological Science, Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Nationally Accredited Mediator

Nicole Jevtovic is the principal solicitor and mediator at Clarity Legal Group. She is doing the juggle with her three toddlers (plus the husband) and managing a successful law firm and mediation practice.

After years working with thousands of separated couples, she has seen many women, particularly stay at home mums, receiving less than they are entitled to during divorce or separation. Nicole is going to discuss how women can protect themselves and stand up for their rights during separation and ensure that they are protecting their future.

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