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How to get on top of your finances WITHOUT budgeting with Sherri Dumbrell

How many of us stick our heads in the sand and try to ignore anything and everything to do with money? Nearly half of all Australians and 64% of Americans live pay cheque to pay cheque with no buffer.

When you’re in that kind of situation, doing a budget can be incredibly depressing because budgeting is all about cutting back and cutting out and not doing things we enjoy and sometimes, being able to do those things we enjoy, no matter how small, is what keeps us going.

Managing our finances isn’t something we’re taught in school and for a lot of us, growing up, money wasn’t something that was discussed openly and certainly never in company. It was something to be hidden away like a shameful secret that no one else should know about.

If we’re carrying that into our own lives, it’s no wonder so many of us struggle financially and probably unnecessarily. This is especially true for midlife women. A huge majority of midlife women are not financially independent or sufficient in their own right. Many of us haven’t worked or have worked in lower paid jobs for the decades that we were supporting our family, not to mention the fact that women are generally paid less for doing the same job than our male counterparts, so we end up with less money in our super/pension funds to support us in retirement.

Sherri Dumbrell is passionate about supporting women in taking control of their finances and helping them to create a secure financial future without the needs for budget, and definitely without any judgement about their current situation or how they’ve spent their money so far.

This was an eye opening conversation for me, mainly because Sherri makes the whole thing finances thing sound… attractive!

“What we learn is consumerism: ‘you deserve it, if you want it now, just get it, you can do interest free or on a credit card’. But it is crippling people and will continue to cripple them if they don’t learn the truth”

About Today’s Guest: Sherri Dumbrell

Mother, Certified Spending Planner, Spending Planner of the Year 2021

Sherri is mother of 5 adult children. She is a Spending Planner and provides financial literacy, tools, practical training and personal assistance for families and individuals who are feeling a real sense of frustration due to day-to-day money stresses and ineffective money management systems.

Sherri Dumbrell owns Essential Spending Planner. She her business in 2017. Sherri’s passion and inspirational enthusiasm about teaching money truths and honesty will captivate your attention and lead you to real change. Wowing and adding incredible value to her events and services brings real results. Sherri chose to be a SAHM of five children for 27 years. Serving her family and in the community she learned valuable time and money management skills that are priceless.

She is continually learning to serve her clients, so they too can learn and grow. She certified as a Spending Planner in 2017. Her proven strategies take individuals and families from money stress to money success quickly. Turn financial flabbiness into financial fitness fast as money truths and proven money tools are easily followed with her support. No more failed budgeting attempts, Sherri takes you beyond a budget to a proven Spending Plan to become a happier saver and spender. A Spending Plan is liberating. See your perfect spending year!

Sherri is a perfect example of how a healthy money mindset can transform her family finances and many others to have financial peace. Money truths taught will prepare you for the expected and unexpected costs in life. Come on a life changing journey with Sherri and quickly enjoy financial peace and achieve your financial goals.

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