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Episode 15: How to Connect when you’re in Isolation


Despite the Corona Virus pandemic, I feel that people are more connected. Our connection during the isolation brings out more for everybody.

Weirdly, The Word For 2020 is… Wonderful Connections

At the start of the year, if I’d been thinking about a word that was going to describe my experience in the coming year…

…and to be honest, I didn’t do that because I didn’t follow my own advice and recommendations…

…BUT if I had come up with a word, I can guarantee that it wouldn’t be the one that it’s turned out to be.

Because this year – so far – has been all about connections.

So, while connections seems a strange word to describe life given what’s happening in the world right now, it also turns out to be the most accurate one.

Connection in Isolation

Which is just plain weird.

Mind you, logistics and internet meltdowns notwithstanding, there is still any number of hiccups. I want to get honest, vulnerable and open in my connections with people. And it’s not always easy…

Despite the whole Coronavirus lockdown thing, I’m connecting with more people on a daily basis than I have in a very long time.

About Karen O’Connor

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Changing the dialogue around menopause and midlife.

As a Podcaster I create a safe space and community for the stuff of Midlife. I provide more than a hub of information I am changing the dialogue around menopause and midlife for women with fun, love and laughter.

After (hopefully, successfully!) raising four kids, being married for 30 years, going from regular month-to-month pay cheque jobs to creating a multi-million dollar property development business (and a number of other businesses with varying degrees of success and failure), to going broke and starting again…

…there’s a heap of experiences and life lessons just waiting to be shared.

Life is about learning from our mistakes and the heartaches we might encounter, but it’s also about having fun and making sure we’re surrounded by laughter…

Which is what you’ll find here in the podcasts & blogs: the highs and lows, successes and failures, sprinkled with fun, love and laughter, because it makes life just so much brighter.

This is all about sharing those things rather than keeping them to ourselves, listening to “ordinary” women’s stories and relating to them, finding common ground and inspiration.

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