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How Anxiety and Low Self Esteem Can Lead To Toxic Behaviour

Anxious feelings can be hard to process and understand but when we ignore them, they can manifest in unexpected ways.

Depression, sleeplessness and nervousness about our daily lives are the usual things we associate with anxiety, but things like being closed minded, needing to get things right and even gaslighting can all be indicators of high levels of anxiety.

We all have moments of stress, but for some, it can get overwhelming.⁣⁣
Anxiety can cause physical and mental symptoms that can affect us in unexpected ways. Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin explains the many aspect of anxiety to help you understand what could be going on and provide tips on how to manage it.

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Good Thanks Media - Frances Kay Lambkin

About Today’s Guest: Prof. Frances Kay-Lambkin

Professor, NHMRC Leadership Fellow, and Institute Director/CEO of the Hunter Medical Research Institute

Prof. Kay-Lambkin’s primary research focus is the development, precision testing, and implementation of digital and face-to-face treatments for people with cooccurring mental health and alcohol/tobacco/other substance use problems.

Frances is working towards a future where everybody who has a worry about their mental health – or that of their family members or friends – has hope. Hope of a cure, hope that there is effective help available, and hope that they will be able to find that help when they need it most.

“That is what I work towards every day with my research. Developing treatments that work. Discovering ways to get those treatments into the homes and hands of people who need them. Partnering with other scientists to unlock a cure”.

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