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Episode 18: Which Kid Do You Love The Most?


Part 3 of the Things Your Kids Want To Know (But Are Too Afraid To Ask) series.

I’m a bit of a reaction when you hear a parent answer that question with something along the lines of “I love you all the same!” I’m sad to say that I want to slap them and tell them to stop lying.

You cannot possibly love everyone the same because we’re all different people.

I love each of my kids for who they are, and I don’t love one of them more than I love another, but I don’t love them the same.

Maybe it’s just me.

I opened myself up to my kids a few weeks ago and asked each of them what they thought of the way they’d been raised and whether they had any questions of me.

This is the conversation I was dreading: the one with my eldest son.

Which Child Do You Love The Most?

Not because he’s not a great person or I don’t like him, but he’s scarily smart and a natural analyst and debater. He loves arguments (as I well know from his teenage years) and unless someone can convince him of something beyond (not always) reasonable doubt, and argue their point better than he can argue his, he won’t change his mind.

While he did ask (only partly with his tongue stuck firmly in his cheek) which of my kids I preferred, what he wanted to know was what lessons I learned from raising each of the different children.

As always, Jamie made me stop and think…

But what I’d forgotten is that Jamie can also come up with the most insightful, enlightening questions, which is what he did here.

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