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Episode 202: Why The Rights Of The Individual Don’t Apply To You

In these days of Covid, lockdowns, quarantines and restrictions, there’s a lot of bandying about of ‘the rights of the individual’ and how governments are impinging on those rights.

But what if the ‘rights of the individual’ don’t apply to you?

What if the rights of the individual apply to everyone else except the person talking about them? What if the rights of the individual are about protecting society and not about allowing each individual to do whatever they want?

When people say, this is my God-given right or this is my right as the individual, they’re using that as a get out of jail, free card to do whatever the heck they want, which means the consequences of their actions shouldn’t affect them to them.

However, we are very much responsible for the consequences of our actions. They will always come back to bite us, even if they come back to bite us 50 years later.

Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

“When you think that, when you say it’s about the individual, what you’re really thinking is it’s about ME and it’s not about you. It’s never about you.”

Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

About Today’s Guest Ryan O’Connor

Award Winning Actor, Director and Playwrite, Student of Philosophy, Psychology and Criminology

Co-founder and executive director of Someone New Theatre Company, the winner of the 2019 Grace Marion Wilson Trust Award for Playwriting, and an acclaimed actor and director throughout NSW and Victoria

Ryan J O’Connor is a Geelong-based writer of original, alternative plays and prose.

He also has a thriving business that creates Dungeons and Dragons maps and characters.

He is also an excellent baker, a trained stage-combatist, a terrible gardener, and a moderately talented poker player.

He does his best writing while trying to avoid his responsibilities, but loves to tell ‘alternative’ stories: romantic comedies about Death, coming-of-age stories about old men, and science-fiction tales about mythological creatures, just to name a few.

Connect with Ryan: