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Mastering Jet Lag: The Ultimate Guide to Beating Travel Exhaustion

Dr. Steve Jasper, also known as the "jet lag guy," discusses the impact of jet lag on individuals and their relationships.

He explains that jet lag disrupts our body clock, leading to symptoms such as daytime sleepiness, brain fog, and mood changes. Dr. Jasper emphasizes the importance of supporting employees who frequently travel for work, suggesting measures such as allowing breaks outside and delegating tasks.

He also advises families to communicate openly about the challenges of jet lag and to be understanding and supportive during the recovery period. Dr. Jasper offers tips for preventing jet lag, including using specialized glasses that emit a bluish-green light. He concludes by highlighting the need to respect our body clocks and to avoid pushing through jet lag, as it can have negative health effects.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jet lag can have a significant impact on performance, mood, and overall well-being.
  • Morning people may find flying west more challenging, while evening people may struggle more with flying east.
  • Supporting employees who travel frequently includes allowing breaks and time outside, delegating tasks, and providing time off to recover from jet lag.
  • In families, open communication and understanding are crucial when dealing with jet lag.
  • Respecting individual body clocks and chronotypes can help prevent and manage jet lag.

Key Points:

04:12   Impact of jet lag on business travellers’ performance
05:57   Impact of jet lag on relationships and family life
08:11   Explanation of what causes jet lag
09:04   Factors that influence susceptibility to jet lag
09:30   Difference in jet lag experience based on morning or evening preference
16:30   Jet lag can have serious health effects on the body.
27:45   Challenges for partners left behind during travel
28:36   Impact of travel on family life
32:16   Using light therapy to prevent jet lag.
36:50   Employers should support workers who travel frequently.

"Jet lag can have an impact on relationships, as it can lead to irritability and strain." - Dr. Steve Jasper

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About Dr Steven Jasper

PhD in international management, looking at jet lag and executive performance. Bachelor of Pharmacy, Executive MBA.

Dr Stephen Jasper originally trained as a pharmacist, working in the hospital system before moving into the pharmaceutical industry, where he landed a role with a large amount of international travel in a global clinical trial. After competing an executive MBA he did his PhD in jet lag and executive performance and has published several academic journal articles in this area. He is regularly contacted by the media on all things related to jet lag and sleep and runs a consultancy for international business travellers at

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