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Episode 24: How To Live A Life Of Joy


A Life of Joy with Chiara Sharp

I was in a bit of a weird space when I got on the call to Chiara and I needed to just get that out there and get it out of my space.
It turned out to be the absolutely perfect opening to our conversation (of course!).

In the last few years, Chiara has qualified as a coach & mentor with the Proctor-Gallagher Institute, working with Bob Proctor himself as her mentor.

And I opened up our conversation with “This is what’s going on for me right now” and spewed all my stuff all over her!

She’s also lived a pretty interesting life, moving from Melbourne to Sydney to New York and back to Melbourne.

How to Live a Life of Joy with Chiara Sharp

Find out:

  • Why your name can be crucial to your success in life
  • How to identify and remove the blocks that stop you from achieving the things you want
  • Why and how essential oils can support you in your work and personal life
  • The differences between different brands of essential oils
  • What programs Chiara currently offers to help you move your business and life forward
  • Why Chiara’s programs make such a difference in people’s lives and why she’s so passionate about them
  • Why network marketing can be a great business for women, helping them reach personal independence in a number of ways, including financially

Listen to the podcast and let this amazing and passionate woman inspire you into taking action in a way that works for you.

She’s also built a highly successful essential oils business and focusses on having her team develop themselves personally and professionally.

About Today’s Guest Chiara Sharp

Proctor-Gallagher Consultant, Speaker and Author

Professional Success & Mindset Coach as a Proctor Gallagher Consultant and specialises in Energy Healing, Vibrational Alignment, Essential Oils education, Meditation & Leadership Development.

She is also Chief Joy Officer and Co-Founder of Joy In The Workplace. Chiara is also a Graduate with Landmark Education, Tony Robbins Programs and now studies and teaches Mindset materials, with Bob Proctor as her Mentor. She believes personal development is essential to living a successful life and is a product of these teachings. As a Young Living Essential Oils Leader, she supports a team of passionate members who share the many benefits of the oils as well as how to create a Young Lifestyle and income. Chiara is a published author, her first book – Awakening The Awareness Within, was published in 2006 and re-released in 2018. Her latest book is titled: The 21 Day Guide To High Vibrational Living.
Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood
There is also an Essential Oils version of the book: The 21 Day Oily Guide To High Vibrational Living Workbook. Both include 21 Days of Meditations which are available on her YouTube channel (Link below) Chiara’s expertise spans over 25 years and whether as a Speaker, Coach, Leader, Author or Entrepreneur, her passion is in teaching others how to live their Purpose aligned with Joy, Health, Abundance and Success.

Find out about the High Vibe Living Masterclass we were talking about during the podcast.

Chiara’s High Vibe Living Masterclass

During the High Vibe Living Masterclass, you will –

  1. Learn & access the POWER of your Mind in ways you haven’t done before.
  2. Learn the true POWER of Gratitude.
  3. Experience beautiful Meditation and learn how simple it really is.
  4. Combine the POWER of Essential Oils with all you do(though it’s not necessary to have oils to do this program)
  5. Discover how to set a POWERFUL Goal AND fulfil it.

Cost – $199AUD payable via PayPal or direct debit here in Australia. It runs over 4 weeks in an hourly weekly session. The Zoom link for each session is be posted on the Facebook Participant Group page that you will be part of after booking your place. The follow on Program after taking part in the Masterclass is The Self Confidence Mastery Program which runs over 7 weeks in weekly hourly online sessions.  The current price is $390AUD. This program will:

  • Give you stronger clarity on what it is you want for your life through gaining valuable insight into where you are now and where you want to be
  • You’ll connect with the true power of repetition at a Conscious Mind level, therefore impressing upon the Subconscious Mind NEW thoughts, ideas and habits that will bring to life what you want
  • You’ll create a powerful goal and develop the unshakeable confidence, willpower, and resilience you need to accomplish it and the results you want.

Both these programs can be done wherever you are in the world from the comfort of your own home.

Contact Chiara for details on 0434911736 or message her through Facebook or Instagram. All links are below.

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