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Episode 27: Why Your Child Isn’t Likely To Succeed At School


Why The School Lets Our Children Down with Victoria Jennings

When my daughter came back from a 3-month stint in Colombia, she was full of all these entrepreneurial ideas: making money was easy, building businesses was a doddle, and creating new things was just so much fun!

Within a few months of being home, it was all too hard; she’d lost her spark, she couldn’t figure out what she needed to do and it all fizzled out into nothing.

I was really puzzled because we’re a creative family, we’ve done an awful lots of stuff, but it wasn’t enough for her to keep going or even to feel that it was possible for her to build the business she’d planned in detail when in Colombia, it just all seemed too hard.

When I mentioned it to Victoria, she said “Yes, Australia’s wealth profile isn’t at all creative! California is, they create things all the time, but countries like Australia focus on the red tape now and creativity is stifled.”

How to help your children succeed at school

Victoria has worked in education her whole life, not teaching children, but in adult education for people who want to learn technical skills.

She’s also done a lot of work in HR and specialises in team building. She’s worked closely with Roger Hamilton, the creator of Wealth Dynamics and The Millionaire Master Plan, in building and launching Wealth Dynamics for teams.

Find out:

  • Why Australian culture stifles creativity
  • How our education system is geared solely to guide people into jobs and what we need to do about it
  • Why some countries breed entrepreneurs and creative artists
  • How to help your child succeed at school and in life
  • Which tools help families to become more understanding and supportive of each other
  • How to work out which job suits you (and your children) best
  • How to create the most efficient and happiest teams in the workplace
  • How Victoria came to co-author a book with Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series
  • The profiling system she co-created with Roger Hamilton
  • The new Year 11 & 12 program she’s creating in Entrepreneurialism

Listen to the podcast and find out more about this inspirational woman and the things she’s created.

I was fascinated because I’d heard of wealth profiling for people, but I never thought of it being applicable at a community or society level.

Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

About Today’s Guest Victoria Jennings

International speaker, best-selling author, entrepreneurial educationalist

Founder and CEO of IPS Institute, specialising in skills acquisition in the Trade School and teaching a new paradigm for business in the Business School.

She has successfully integrated Western business acumen with Eastern philosophies of the I-Ching into business frameworks that create a winning formulae for business success. Victoria’s programs are available through her college; to unleash the genius within to “Create Your Genius Enterprise” as shared in her Award winning best-selling co-authored book “Mastering the Art of Success” with Jack Canfield.

Victoria has worked with small businesses across many different industries,  implementing dynamic strategies in their businesses that are simply not taught in main stream education.

Her extensive career in adult education has included the Technical and Further Education sector, schools, government departments and various Industry Skills Councils – all at executive level being instrumental in implementing the vocational education and training system in Australia.

Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

She has lectured at university in undergraduate and post-graduate programs in adult education and has created her own successful multi-million dollar company since 1998.

Victoria has developed her business to the point where she has empowered her team and made herself redundant, only showing up to two meetings per week (from anywhere in the world).

She now shares how she achieved this with other business owners with teams and these programs are now available on-line anywhere in the world.

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Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

Victoria Jennings