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Episode 31: The Pain and Impact of Early Menopause


The Pain And Impact of Early Onset Menopause with Gayle Palmer

As if menopause wasn’t bad enough, can you imagine going through it in your EARLY THIRTIES? Think about the implications: no kids, no hormones, a complete change of lifestyle.

Menopause is an interesting enough, never mind life-changing, experience at the best of times, but experiencing menopause when you’re in your 30’s?

In this conversation, I talk to Gayle Palmer, Osteopath, who found herself embroiled in full-on menopause just a year after she got married.

Find out:

  • Why you might experience early onset menopause
  • What are the ongoing implications of early-onset menopause
  • How the fluctuating hormones can impact your mental and physical health
  • What the real causes of osteoporosis in older women are

Early Menopause with Gayle Palmer

  • The pros and cons of HRT and why most women stay on HRT for far longer than they should
  • How long menopause can last (warning: this might shock you!)
  • Why you absolutely MUST join the Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood Facebook Group (which you can do by clicking here!)

Listen to the podcast and find out more about this hilarious woman and her experiences with menopause at a young age.

I talk to Gayle Palmer, Osteopath, who found herself embroiled in full-on menopause just a year after she got married.

Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

About Today’s Guest Gayle Palmer

Chichester’s leading Female Osteopath

Began her Osteopathic career in 1991 and treats clients from pre-conception to +100 years!

Her particular interests are obs and gynae, paediatrics and geriatric / palliative care.

Her practice is varied and along with that comes a wide knowledge of techniques and associated therapies.

Her interests include racing a classic yacht regularly, organic gardening and design, designing and building houses/clinics and walking her Standard Poodle.

She runs a couple of self-catering holiday home rentals on the South Coast of the UK near Chichester.

A few years ago, Gayle created some courses to help seniors and their families to get their “stuff” organised.

Called Great Guidelines for Later Life they were designed to help her own Mum and family with all areas of their lives but they can help everyone get the juice out of life whilst clearing up and simplifying life’s debris.

A step-by-step guide to creating order, peace and direction for the rest of your life and beyond, for seniors and their families.

It’s difficult to think ahead, get all the aspects of life covered and sorted and not miss something out.

It can be even harder to help someone else do this for themselves – whether you are family, a carer or professional.

Great Guidelines looks at 12 main areas of getting older – from your home, health to death itself. Each module is whole and complete in itself and each person will find their own areas where they are challenged the most. As a whole, the programme helps guide and inform, clear and create the life you truly want and deserve.

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Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

Gayle Palmer