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Episode 46: Using your Three Different Brains


How To Use Your THREE Brains With Heidi Goodman

THREE brains? Three? Did you know that you have three brains? I certainly didn’t.

A brain is a collection of neurons working together. But apart from our brain-brain, there are two other organs in our bodies that are made up of/contain enough neurons to also be counted as ‘brains’: our heart and our gut.

Energy alignment specialist, Reiki healer, NLP coach and MBIT practitioner, Heidi Goodman has spent her life both educating herself as well as educating other people. The former primary school teacher now supports and teaches people all over the world in how to listen to and align their THREE brains: their heads, their hearts and their guts.

Three Brains With Heidi Goodman

Join me in conversation with the gorgeous Heidi Goodman and find out:

  • What is Multiple Brain Integration Technology
  • What is energy alignment
  • How your head, heart and gut are all connected and work in different ways
  • How to find out which one speaks more clearly to you
  • How to use the different “knowings” for different situations
  • What are Reiki, Timeline Therapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and how they can help us to connect with & integrate our three brains

Listen to or watch this fascinating discussion now!

THREE brains? Three? Did you know that you have three brains? I certainly didn’t.

About Today’s Guest Heidi Goodman

Owner and Founder of Minds Connect

Life and Energy Coach, a Reiki Master Practitioner and teacher. She is a certified NLP Master Coach, Master Energy Coach, Master mBIT Coach, mBIT coach trainer, Time Line Therapist and Conscious Hypnosis therapist.

Heidi is passionate about raising people’s awareness of their own energy and how it is connected to everything. She has helped many men and women overcome fears, judgement and grief.

Heidi specialises in bringing people from tension and conflict to more harmonious and peaceful connections in all areas of their lives.

Heidi is also a single mum of three boys. Having moved through separation and divorce, she now supports herself and her family through her holistic coaching and reiki business.

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Heidi Goodman