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Episode 5: Every Mother’s Worst Nightmare


The death of your child is the worst nightmare a mother could have. Things can never be the same again when a traumatic experience happened to you.

Deborah put her life back together and deal with the knowledge that she’ll never see her son again.

This wasn’t a planned conversation.

My friend, Deborah Corbin, and I had planned to talk about something completely different (and much more lighthearted, though no less serious), but the death of Kobe Bryant just a few hours before our chat, changed everything.

I knew that Deborah’s son, Graham, died a few days before Christmas in 2017.

I knew how much pain Graham’s death had obviously caused Deborah and how much effort it took for her to keep going and take care of the rest of her family in the appalling aftermath.

Losing a Child with Deborah Ann Corbin

But I didn’t know the details of what had happened and I certainly didn’t want to ask; the woman was in enough pain without me getting her to go through it all again by recounting the story for my benefit. If she wanted to talk, I made sure she knew I was there, but I wasn’t going to open that conversation; that was for her to do.

This is the first time Deborah has spoken openly and publicly about what happened with Graham and how she’s dealt with it – and is still dealing with it. Kobe Bryant’s untimely death brought it all back to the surface.

Make no mistake, while this conversation is about an horrific turn of events, it’s primarily about hope, creating wonderful memories, and rebuilding your life.

About Today’s Guest Deborah Ann Corbin

Educator, Personal Leadership and Transformation Coach.

Helping people to master their inner psychology to live into their highest potential.

Deborah has been a dedicated educator and life coach for many years now, and she put all of her learnings to good use to help pick herself up and carry on with life.

Listen to the podcast and find out:

  • The full story of what happened
  • The difficulties faced when someone dies in a different state
  • How the emotions are like waves and how to not let them drown you
  • How to deal with the grief, anger and sadness, both in the initial stages and ongoingly
  • How to recreate yourself and your life after such a life-changing event
  • Why you NEED to ask for – and how to get – support
  • How to find a new purpose in life
  • How to deal with the grief the rest of your family are feeling
  • How to talk about what happened, and why you need to do that

Losing a Child with Deborah Ann Corbin

Deborah wants to reach out to as many other people who are going through similar things in the hope that she can support them or at least offer some insights as to how they might make sense of things and begin to get their life back together.

So, click on the button below to listen to this inspirational – and heartbreaking – story. I’ve done very little editing of the audio; I wanted you to hear the story as I did. Thanks for listening xxx

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Deborah Ann Corbin