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Episode 52: Budget-Friendly to Get Healthy


A budget-friendly way to get healthy (hint: it’s not exercise!) with Sally Imeson

Meet Sally Imeson: Mother, Nutritionist, former Athlete – inspired by all things that nourish us in our relationships, emotional health and the nervous system.

Sally found herself with a newborn baby, married to an elite athlete, on a low single income while still having to provide highly nutritious meals on a very low budget. A few years later, her marriage fell apart as a result of Domestic Violence. For Sally, this reinforced what she already suspected: that, regardless of our income or our circumstances, our emotional health is crucial.

She discovered that cooking, eating, design of our environment, and how we access our community for regular emotional expression is the most significant component of great health, way more important than what we’re actually eating.

Like Sally says, women are great leaders for this health tool we just need to celebrate this and promote it to our loved ones.

Budget Healthy with Sally

Sally’s passion is to support people take control of their nervous system avoiding great expense and time inconveniences.

Basically, she gives people bang for their buck health strategies!

Come and listen to or watch this podcast to listen to Sally’s fascinating story and to find out just how you can stay fit and healthy without it costing an arm and a leg!

Sally’s passion is to support people take control of their nervous system avoiding great expense and time inconveniences.

About Today’s Guest Sally Imeson

Owner and Founder of The Power of The Kitchen Table

After travelling for a few years after school, Sally studied as a mature age student, achieving a Bachelor of Health Science, major in Nutrition and Stress Management.

After working in the sports industry and then going back to university, she completed a Masters in Sports Management and met her husband.

Her greatest ‘health understanding and clarity’ came as a new mother, trying to juggle being an athlete manager to her husband, and create food on a very, very limited budget – life was demanding ‘bang for your buck’ solutions for our pressure filled life.

Emotional health quickly became Sally’s number one focus and for the last 6 years has shaped the research and teachings that she shares with her family and clients.

She knows that great health really is achievable without having to spent a fortune or take up too much time.

Post COVID, Sally hopes that her message spreads quickly so that our children can jump the fear of Covid and our community can reshape itself in a positive and powerful way.

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Sally Imeson