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Episode 56: Consequences of Undiagnosed ADHD


The Massive Consequences That Undiagnosed ADHD Has On Your Life with Esther Nagle

When we think of ADHD, the general image that comes up is probably a little boy who’s bouncing off the walls and generally being disruptive and causing chaos in his class.

But while most studies show that ADHD is far more prevalent in males, male to female ratios in diagnosis vary from country to country from 16:1 to 3:1.

Some studies have indicated that girls with ADHD may be up to twice as likely as boys to have the inattentive type of ADHD and may suffer more from internalising symptoms and inattention, in contrast with the hyperactive and aggressive symptoms shown by boys.4-6 Differences in ADHD presentation between boys and girls may explain the lower prevalence rates of ADHD in females.*


ADHD with Esther

After a lifetime of feeling like a misfit, Esther Nagle got stuck into drugs and alcohol in an ongoing attempt to numb the pain of life and the self-hatred brought on by years of being told she was messy or careless or never did well enough or she could do better.

Finally, she cleaned up her act with help from the most unlikely of saviours: yoga.

A few years later, at the age of 46, she was diagnosed with ADHD.

Come and find out how ADHD presents itself in females, why so many girls/women go undiagnosed and how the way the medical profession works means that most females will continue to go undiagnosed.

Listen to or watch this podcast to listen to Esther’s story and find out the impact that the undiagnosed ADHD had on her and how she took control of her life.

Finally, she cleaned up her act with help from the most unlikely of saviours: yoga.

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About Today’s Guest Esther Nagle

Yoga Teacher at Rhondda Yoga, Fundraiser Wales at Music In Hospitals & Care, Author/Speaker/Teacher at Still Wild Mind

Growing up with undiagnosed ADHD gives a lot of nourishment to the shame gremlins.

I’ve had a whole nation of them grow inside me over the years, governing every aspect of my being and self-image.

I’ve done a lot for diplomatic relations with the Gremlin nation of Esther over the years since I did the Yoga teacher training that was the catalyst for so much healing, but they still have still been the unwelcome colonising ruler of me.

The MMM Podcast

In the year since my diagnosis of ADHD, I have discovered that the key to independence and freedom from the shame gremlins is learning. The more I learn about ADHD, and the numerous ways it impacts my life, the less power the shame gremlins have over me.

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