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Episode 59: How To Eat Like A French Woman


How To Eat Like A French Woman with Marie-Anne LeCoeur


How on earth do French women eat all that rich food, those baguettes, croissants, amazing desserts and exquisite sauces and don’t put on any weight?

These are the things Marie-Anne wants to show you.

It’s not about…

…counting calories before you can even sniff a slice of a freshly baked baguette!

…hiding the fact that you ate that delicious macaroon on your coffee break, or

… agonising over every single mouthful that isn’t a salad leaf or a slice of cucumber!

How To Eat Like A French Woman with Marie-Anne LeCoeur

It’s time you tried something TOTALLY DIFFERENT that actually works for you!

Listen to or watch this podcast to find out how to EAT LIKE A FRENCHWOMAN.

Eating like a French woman is much easier than you think and way more pleasant than being on a diet.

About Today’s Guest Marie-Anne LeCoeur

Best Selling Author, member of the Federation of Image Professionals International and founder and CEO of

Born and raised in France, Marie-Anne found herself constantly surrounded by French Chic ladies.

​Inspired by the style and fashion conversations that would take place around her and her mother’s guidance,

Marie-Anne found herself enamored with all that is French Chic. She has learned to create her own style rooted from French Chic and encourages others to do the same

Marie-Anne genuinely wants the very best life for every woman that she impacts. She wants to empower them to discover their own true style so that they can make their own style decisions and take their confidence back.

Lecoeur literally means “ Heart” so it’s not a coincidence that she wears her heart on her sleeve and leads women to fall in love with their unique style journey.​

Eat Like a French Woman

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