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Episode 63: How To Create ANYTHING You Want In Life


Wouldn’t you love to wave a magic wand and create anything you want in life?

That’s exactly what Karen Clark realised she’d been doing! She hadn’t done it consciously or knowingly, but when she looked back on her life, she saw that every little dream she’d ever had, had come to life.

As you can imagine, she got quite excited about it all and began to look at how she’d done it: what did she do? Were there certain practises that were crucial? Did she need to do them every hour/day/week/month? Could other people do this?

One thing was clear to her: she wanted to let other people know that they could do this, too, and share with them the ways that they might do it.

Now a qualified coach, she’s created a specific set of tools & techniques that help people to define what it is they want from their life, their careers and their business, and how they can go out and create it.

Create with Karen Clark

Come and listen to Karen’s story and find out what happened in her life that made such a difference (and the difference her work has made in other people’s lives, too!).

About Today’s Guest Karen Clark

Founder of Clarkashians & Co

A tenured entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience in the game.

She has started and successfully grown businesses in industries as varied as automotive, forex, property and cosmetics. Karen is the founder of CLARKASHIANS & CO. in both New Zealand and Australia and is the Creator of QUANTUM LEAP TV.

Along the way, she has gained advice from world-class entrepreneurs; the likes of Roger Hamilton and Paul Dunn, as well as Mary Morrissey, Founder and Master Coach at The Life Mastery Institute.

Through her dedication, Karen empowers people to have exponential growth in who they are, their success in business and in life. Karen works with those who are already on a mission to be the best version of themselves and to make a significant difference or contribution in the lives of others, helping them to overcome the biggest blocks that are stopping them from achieving the potential of their true capabilities.

Karen’s unwavering belief that each one of her clients has far more potential and is far more capable than they know, supports them to unfold and then bring their dream/vision for their life to realisation.

Throughout any of the 5 powerful programmes Karen is certified to coach as a Life Mastery Consultant, through proven, reliable, repeatable systems, she empowers her clients in becoming extraordinary leaders, to emerge as the person living their vision.

Karen’s intensive training includes the teachings of over 4 decades in transformational coaching, and her 30+ years as an entrepreneur herself gives her a wealth of knowledge to draw from. Karen is a compelling and motivating presenter and coach. After listening to Karen, you will walk away with heightened energy and clarity about what really matters to you, to be, do or have in a life that you LOVE.

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