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Episode 72: The Best Medicine To Prevent Mens’ Suicide


Depression and suicide among men are at their highest rate, but it’s something that still isn’t talked about much, particularly by the men themselves. Often, it’s the women in their lives who force them to act.

When Luke Heka and Lino Hola lost friends to suicide, they realised that there had been no warning, no signs that the men were feeling as hopeless as they were, it was something that was never discussed.

So they decided to try to do something about it.

They started by taking a small group of men on a walk in the Gold Coast hinterland. The video captured on that day (you can watch it lower down this page) went viral and Luke and Lino suddenly found themselves inundated with requests to do more walks in more places.

What was interesting was that a large portion of the men was there because their partners insisted they went. Sometimes, the men didn’t even realise what was happening till they were dropped off at the meeting point.

In less than two years, Men’s Medicine has exploded and now does work all around Australia and NZ, and also holds women’s and couples programs.

By the way, watch my face when Luke starts telling me about his drug addiction! It’s priceless!

This might be Men’s Medicine but it’s a silent killer. Listen to the story of the group and let’s start spreading the word about this. If you know someone who might be in need of this work, you can contact Luke below.

Mens Medicine with Luke Heka

The other ‘interesting’ thing was how many of those men had considered suicide, whether that was in the previous year, month, week, even that morning.

About Today’s Guest Luke Heka

from Men’s Medicine

Mens Medicine is a Men’s and Women’s Support and Empowerment movement that was created to help men and women through their challenges and empower them through to the best versions of themselves.

Mens Medicine is a Gold Coast-based movement that travels throughout Australia and New Zealand to deliver a holistic approach to mental health and personal growth.

Committed to having their work reach as many people as possible, most of the guys donate their time to the charity, relying on their normal jobs to pay the bills.

Born in New Zealand and raised in country Queensland, Luke got involved with drugs in his teenage years and, like many of his friends, ended up addicted to Ice, crystal methamphetamine.

Finally realising that his life was rapidly going nowhere, he cleaned himself up, got into bodybuilding and healthy eating, and eventually, along with his friend, Lino Hola, started Men’s Medicine.

Luke talks about competing in a triathlon to raise money for the family of his friend’s little girl, Luna.

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