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Episode 74: What Happens When You Think Anything Is Possible


It’s often more inspiring to hear a ‘normal’ person’s story. Come and join me talked about that anything is possible as we put our minds into it.

One of the reasons that I started the podcast is to share people’s stories because I believe that we all have an amazing story to share, it’s just that most of the time, we just don’t think it’s anything special because it happened to us.

This story is no exception. Here’s a woman who:

  • went from being stuck in a job to encouraging her husband to quit his job when she was pregnant with their fourth child,
  • created multi-million dollars in real estate,
  • started & ran multiple businesses, most of them not successful until she realised what she was good at and what she wasn’t,
  • going through bankruptcy and losing everything,
  • starting again and rebuilding both her life and their business,
  • buying properties with no money down
  • living from the space of anything is possible

It took me MONTHS to record this so I have a lot of sympathy with my guests when they say they’re confronted about opening up in public!

Anything is possible

I have to say, this was by far the most difficult and confronting episode to do; I don’t like talking about myself. Yep, this one’s about me, my family and what we’ve done.

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As a Podcaster I create a safe space and community for the stuff of Midlife. I provide more than a hub of information I am changing the dialogue around menopause and midlife for women with fun, love and laughter.

After (hopefully, successfully!) raising four kids, being married for 30 years, going from regular month-to-month pay cheque jobs to creating a multi-million dollar property development business (and a number of other businesses with varying degrees of success and failure), to going broke and starting again…

…there’s a heap of experiences and life lessons just waiting to be shared.

Life is about learning from our mistakes and the heartaches we might encounter, but it’s also about having fun and making sure we’re surrounded by laughter…

Which is what you’ll find here in the podcasts & blogs: the highs and lows, successes and failures, sprinkled with fun, love and laughter, because it makes life just so much brighter.

This is all about sharing those things rather than keeping them to ourselves, listening to “ordinary” women’s stories and relating to them, finding common ground and inspiration.

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