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Episode 75: Dress With Stylish French Flair


Ever wondered how French women always look so effortlessly elegant and stylish?

French women have what seems like an effortlessly elegant way of dressing that the rest of us simply don’t possess (I don’t anyway).

Marie-Anne Lecoeur is an expert in French chic and style (as opposed to fashion) and helps thousands of women to identify their body shape and dress in a way that suits them. She also helps them to find their own stylish flair, something that most of us find very difficult to do.

I’ve known Marie-Anne for more than three years now. We speak on the phone several times a week. I knew all of the things that she does online but I didn’t know half of the things I found out about her personally during this interview!

  • Marie-Anne quit her job at the age of 50 to follow her love of writing
  • Within a few months, she had not one but TWO Amazon best selling books
  • For the next six months, one or the other of her books was the best seller in its category
  • Her videos have had more than 8.5 million views

Stylish French Flair

Listen to the podcast and find out why Marie-Anne has made such a difference in so many women’s lives.

About Today’s Guest Marie-Anne LeCoeur

Best Selling Author, member of the Federation of Image Professionals International and founder and CEO of

Born and raised in France, Marie-Anne found herself constantly surrounded by French Chic ladies.

Inspired by the style and fashion conversations that would take place around her and her mother’s guidance,

Marie-Anne found herself enamoured with all that is French Chic. She has learned to create her own style rooted in French Chic and encourages others to do the same.​

Marie-Anne genuinely wants the very best life for every woman that she impacts. She wants to empower them to discover their own true style so that they can make their own style decisions and take their confidence back.

Lecoeur literally means “ Heart” so it’s not a coincidence that she wears her heart on her sleeve and leads women to fall in love with their unique style journey.​

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Marie-Anne LeCoeur