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Episode 77: Avoid Becoming a Homeless


How To Avoid Becoming One Of The Growing Number Of Homeless Midlife Women with Gayle McKew

According to the 2011 Census, there are over 5000 homeless women over the age of 55 in Australia, with single women being the most vulnerable group.

In fact, Homelessness Australia suggests that being over the age of 45 and single, along with renting, significantly increases a woman’s risk of becoming homeless.

Gayle McKew’s mission in life is to help and support people in becoming financially independent, particularly at that time of life we’re all heading towards retirement.

Moving from the family home and into a retirement home can be fraught with hidden financial dangers but the really big area of danger is midlife for women.

Through no fault of their own, a rapidly increasing number of women over 45 are finding themselves unable to rent somewhere to live, never mind buy a house, unable to get a job and unable to support themselves.

Homeless Midlife Women

We probably all know a midlife woman who permanently house sits and couch surfs at other people’s places between gigs. Or someone who’s moved in with their family. But you probably didn’t think of them as homeless, and they’re fortunate enough to not have to live on the streets.

Come and find out more about this pretty horrifying topic and why it’s never too late to start planning for your retirement.

About Today’s Guest Gayle McKew

Strategic Financial Adviser / Age Care Specialist /Money Coach / Speaker / Author

As a financial professional Gayle brings more than 40 years of experience to financially empowering individuals to improve their relationship with money and increase their money confidence.

After discovering some friends had had their financial security destroyed, because of their circumstances rather than poor decision making, she realised how many people, especially women, were at risk of losing their security and hope for the future.

Having identified people who were at risk because of poor financial awareness, she has been on a mission to improve financial skills, especially in women.

Her book, Women Mind Your Money is part of her project to improve financial literacy and skills and is focused on empowering women with knowledge & skills so they can thrive financially.

Her reasoning is…if you learn how to manage your personal financial situation you have opened the gateway to breaking free and owning your future. Helping people take financial control is part of why she does what she does.

She’s developing a program to help women build money confidence and skills. The beta program starts in early April 2021.

Learn to Mind Your Money

Are you frustrated by your relationship with money? Imagine if you could use the skills of a 40-year money veteran to help you access a range of shortcuts designed to help you get ahead financially. Think of all the time and stress you could save yourself. Let Gayle help you cut through the boring parts of money so you can get better results for yourself.


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