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Episode 90: How to Inspire Everyone you Meet


How to Inspire Everyone you Meet with Prosper Taruvinga

Let’s be honest, rags to riches stories sometimes seem to be two a penny on the bookshelves. But it’s so fascinating and inspiring when you hear someone who has actually, in real life, really done that.

A teacher from Melbourne came to work in a school in a small town in rural Zimbabwe. One boy, Prosper Taruvinga, then aged 13, decided that one day, he was going to sit in a cafe in Melbourne, drinking coffee. He didn’t know how or why, but he would do it.

Fast forward several decades, through various careers and business ventures in Africa through Asia and finally to today in Melbourne, Australia. Prosper went from dishwashing in a restaurant to be one of the best-known figures in the modelling world as well as having several businesses in online marketing. He’s also an absolute genius at networking.

How to Inspire Everyone you Meet with Prosper Taruvinga

The thing I remember most from this interview is that Prosper makes it his business to inspire everyone he meets and leave everyone in a better place.

About Today’s Guest Prosper Taruvinga

Marketing & Advertising Expert, Business Owner, Master Networker

I believe that there is no meaning of life if you don’t have something to live for.

My goal in life is to change the world in a way so that no child starves or no dog dies in the cold street.

I realize that configuring building structures won’t take me there. If you think spending billions of dollars for nothing where there are people living without food and shelter next door is wrong, take your first step to make things right and join me.

Everything tells me that I am about to take the wrong decision, but making mistakes is just my special part of life.

What does the world want of me?

Does it want me to take no risks or to go back to where I came from because I didn’t have the courage to say ‘yes’ to life? I think I do take enough courage to say that ‘yes’ to life… I don’t care about what I see in the outside, my vision is from within! Here is where the birds sing, here is where the sky is blue!

I am this very complicated first-order equation with one real easy answer: you just gotta have the guts to take the attempt to solve it.

I’m affectionate, secretive, naturally honest, generous and sympathetic, I love peace and serenity, I’m always sensitive to others and love to serve them.

I’m appreciative and love to return kindness, love to dream and fantasize, love to travel, love attention and sometimes….I’m just weird!

I have taught myself how to make people smile and make them believe in everything…

So #getamonstit people….

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