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Episode 92: You Think You Know How to Breathe?


So you think you know how to breathe with Eva Knorles

We all think we know how to breathe, after all, we don’t even have to think about breathing, it just happens, right?

What if all those little sicknesses that we’ve had throughout our lives, all those colds, blocked noses, sore throats, have had a negative impact on our ability to breathe properly.

Let’s add to that all the emotional stresses that can have an impact on how we hold our bodies and how we breathe. Eva Knorles, breathing expert, explains to us how we can notice how we breathe and how to change it.

You Think You Know How to Breathe with Eva Knorles

You can exercise, change your diet, do whatever you like, but unless you’re breathing well, it’s all a bit pointless, really.

About Today’s Guest Eva Knorles

Respiratory Educator, BSc Physiology, MAppSc Musculoskeletal

We can exercise, change our diet, or whatever else, but unless we’re breathing well, it’s all a bit pointless.

Specialising in Musculoskeletal Health, I provide treatment, prevention and long term care of the back, neck, shoulder pains and aches we face as we go through life, working, playing, having families.

As a health professional I coach and mentor clients to understand the 5 key drivers of health  and to use 3 essential  steps to get their spark and keep it, be it as a new mum, a saxophonist, an athlete, professional or hobby gardener.

n the role as a Breathing Educator I get to share the benefits of breathing right. Clients walk away with skills of empowerment in the face of non- communicative diseases such as asthma, poor sleep, low energy, blood pressure, emotional fluctuations, and digestive disorders.

Corporate consultancy is rewarding when staff gets to learn voice care, or postural stability and endurance in repetitive task, be it in the trade or at the desk. Entraining body, mind and respiration is to be responsive not reactive.

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