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Episode 96: How To Spice Up Your Sex Life At Any Age

  • 41 mins
  • 8 September 2021
  • 33.29M
  • Explicit Content

Psychosexual Alignment method and the Inner Vaginal Flush Technique with Jacqui Olliver

Ups and downs in our desire for and enjoyment of sex are all part of a woman’s life, it seems, and sexual problems are little understood – or openly discussed – by either gender.

Take erectile dysfunction, for example; yes, men can pop a little blue pill that can usually overcome that, but what if there are other, permanent and non-chemical, ways to overcome that?

When my guest this week, Jacqui Olliver, said she wanted to talk about ‘Psychosexual Alignment’ and ‘the Inner Vaginal Flush Technique’, I had zero clue what either of those things were but really keen to know.

Join us for this very frank look at sexual problems/dysfunctions and how most of them are actually quite easily overcome if [gasp] we just talk about them and find out what we need to do.

About Today’s Guest Jacqui Olliver

Founder of the Psychosexual Alignment method, Creator of the Inner Vaginal Flush Technique, Published Author

Jacquie co-developed the Emotional Reset Technique™ which resolves emotional triggers. There is no sexual “malfunction” or emotional resistance issue which fazes her.

Jacqui Olliver renews relationships by solving mental, emotional and sexual issues for men, women and couples.

Her unique views on sexual function, human psychology, and emotions are heralded as having the potential to change the universal perspective on health and relationships. Today we’re going to talk about sex – how misdirected thoughts and a lack of knowledge around intimacy can negatively affect a woman’s libido and the desire for both partners to connect.

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Jacqui Olliver

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Sex Mastery: Enjoyable Sex and Orgasms

To truly feel sexy and restore a happy and connected sex life you simply need to make a few adjustments to the way you are approaching sex and intimacy. When you give your brain relevant “signals” during sexual activity it will naturally respond and be in an “enjoyable sex and orgasms” mode of operation.
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