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Episode 98: The Pioneering Change Room That Transforms More Than Just Your Style

How to refurbish your entire life, from your wardrobe to your purpose to your business and career with Scarlett Vespa

Many of us get to midlife and either have no clue what we want to do next or we’re completely sick of what we’re doing but have no clue what we can move on to. Or are too scared to do anything. Or we don’t like the way we look or feel. Or all of the above.

Midlife is a time of crossroads, of change and opportunity, if we can see it that way – and sometimes we can’t. Enter Scarlett Vespa. Scarlett found herself as a broke and unemployed single mother in her mid-40’s. Her business partner had done the dirty on her and left her with no business and less than no money so she had to find a way to create a future for herself and her son.

With a lifetime of work in the film industry and marketing, as well as a lifelong interest in personal development and style, Scarlett put it all together and created Mrs V’s Change Room, a place where women can completely transform every aspect of their lives.

Mrs V’s Change Room, a place where women can completely transform every aspect of their lives.

About Today’s Guest Scarlett Vespa

Film Director, TV Commercial director, Marketing & Digital Marketing Expert

One of Australia’s top brand and small business start up experts.

Scarlett Vespa has built her career from movie magic on set with Hollywood heavyweights, to being one of Australia’s first female TV commercial directors and then starting her own digital marketing agency. She has now launched her Life Design Coaching business, Mrs V Change Room where she is helping people transition careers by building their own dream business.

What is a life design coach?

Life design coaching is a vision-driven, holistic and intuitive approach to coaching. I apply these elements to my accessible membership and my one on one coaching.

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