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Episode 99: How to raise strong and confident daughters

Raising confident, strong women is never an easy job, but it can be particularly difficult when girls are being constantly bombarded by the idea of female ‘perfection’

Sensational Girls Network is about empowering the future generation of women to be loved unconditionally & “be their own kind of beautiful”

As Julie Vigor’s daughter was heading towards her teenage years, Julie realised that something was missing for her daughter and her peers: the ability to be themselves and be happy with who they are, the way they look, and the things they like. The other thing that was clear to Julie was that girls don’t seem to know how to support each other.

Using her decades of experience as an educator, Julie started Sensational Girls Network, which uses Positive Psychology as the focus to shift perspective, including: positive experiences, positive traits of gratitude/resilience/compassion, character strengths & identity, self confidence, hope, purpose. It covers important topics for tweens/teens including positive body image, friendships & bullying, managing emotions, managing technology and its affects/consequences.

Help to give young girls unconditional love, acceptance & support, as well as strategies to love themselves and be their own kind of beautiful.

About Today’s Guest: Julie Vigor

Educator, Teacher Trainer, Dreamtime Expert, Life Coach, Founder Sensational Girls Network

The mission of Sensational Girls Network is to help girls become strong and independent successful women who feel unconditional love & support, resulting in self acceptance, self belief and self care

The mother daughter bond is extremely powerful and is one of the strongest connections that two people can share. Having been a local teacher all of my life, I have watched a decline in women’s mental health, especially in young women and girls. Sensational Girls Network was created to empower current and future generations of women. One of the biggest protective factors for a young woman’s mental health, is the positive connection with an adult they can talk to and trust.

Sensational Girls Network aims to: help mothers and daughters strengthen their bond through creating an everlasting memory & better understanding of each other; build a strong foundation & help with harmony in the home; form a brighter stronger future to cope with a challenging world.

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Sensational Girls Network

Buuld a strong bond with your daughter and learn the tools to help her become a strong, independent and successful woman

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