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From Hot Flashes to Thyroid Crashes: Demystifying Midlife Hormonal Changes with Emma Drady, Naturopath

Menopause is a challenge in and of itself but when you add in the fact that thyroid issues are likely to appear during peri/menopause, it takes things to a whole new level.

One day you’re feeling on top of the world, the next, your thyroid decides to throw a wild party, leaving you exhausted, irritable, and wondering where your energy disappeared to.

We can look at the symptoms of peri/menopause as being solely due to those hormonal changes, but those changes have an impact on all our body’s systems… or maybe it’s vice versa, maybe the body’s systems affect the menopause symptoms… we just don’t know.

What we are sure about are the results: weight gain, our metabolism takes a nosedive, our energy levels plummet, sleep becomes a distant memory, and we go from cold to sweating like a marathon runner in the blink of an eye.

All of these symptoms can be caused by peri/menopause. But they can also be caused by thyroid problems.

Emma Drady, a naturopath who specialises in female hormonal and thyroid issues, gives us an insight into what is and isn’t a thyroid problem, what symptoms there may be and how to best deal with them. With the right treatment and a bit of perseverance, Emma assures us that we can navigate this thyroid (and menopausal) rollercoaster.

About Today’s Guest: Emma Drady

Bachelor of Health Science, Naturopathy Elementary/Special Ed. Physical Ed./ Health Teacher

Emma is a degree qualified women’s health naturopath offering online consultations for women and their families from around Australia. Her work aims at helping women live their healthiest lives by supporting menstrual cycles and hormones, fertility, thyroid, gut health, stress, anxiety, sleep and more. Emma has recently written her first work titled Women & Nature which will be hitting the shelves in September 2023.

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