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How To Alleviate The Symptoms of Menopause & Peri-Menopause with Liza Baker


Menopause and Perimenopause are so much more than just physical changes.

Nutrition can have a huge impact on the way you experience this journey.

A balanced diet can alleviate many symptoms, making this a smoother transition. ⁣⁣Discover how proper nutrition during perimenopause can help reduce your risk of developing common health problems like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Liza Baker, nutritionist and campaigner, explains the huge and mostly unacknowledged impact of poor nutrition and generally not looking after ourselves because we’re too busy. This is not to be missed.

Health with Liza Baker

About Today’s Guest Liza Baker

Founder of Simply Health Coaching

Integrative Nutrition® health coach and nonprofit consultant, self-published author, blogger, podcaster, and woefully underpaid COO of a busy family of four spread across the globe—Liza (Leeza) brings her passion, knowledge, and experience to the table to help you reach your health goals.

Liza received her health coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® and an AAS in Culinary Arts from the Cooking + Hospitality Institute of Chicago.

In the years BC—before children—she was the owner and executive chef of a catering and private chef company in Chicago and over the years has taught cooking, meal planning and nutrition to all ages.

Liza lives in a half-empty nest in Ann Arbor, MI and is passionate about health and happiness, education and empowerment, SOLE/SOUL food and social justice. She’s currently looking at the pandemic as one of possibilities to grow healthier humans, organizations, and communities.

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Liza Baker