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The Embarrassing Problems No One Wants To Talk About with Kate Hooper and Allison Bryant

Weak pelvic floor muscles can cause so many problems but overly strong and tense pelvic floor muscles can cause just as many problems.

One of the problems an overly strong pelvic floor can cause is constipation. Constipation is more common than people think – affecting approximately 16% of people under 60 years of age and 33% of people over 60 years of age.

While this doesn’t sound like a topic of conversation for the dinner table, let alone listen to a podcast from my normal cheery self on, but one of the aims of this podcast is to bring topics of conversation out into the open and allow women (and men, in this case) to stop suffering in silence and thinking they’re the only ones with this embarrassing problem.

There are rows and rows of laxatives available at the supermarket yet a large proportion of constipation problems are caused (or started) by muscular problems not digestive issues. And it’s relatively easy to resolve those problems if you know how.

Pelvic Physiotherapists, Kate Hooper and Allison Bryant from the Queensland Pelvic Floor Centre, specialise in helping people to identify what’s actually going on and then work with them to resolve it.

“Colorectal really plays a big role in the pelvic floor side of things, because it’s almost the forgotten problem that a lot of people struggle with not being able to open their bowel properly”

About Today’s Guests: Kate Hooper and Allison Bryant

Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Physiotherapy – Continence and Women’s Health

Mums, wives, physios, daughters, friends, chauffeurs, organisers of many lives!

Allison has been a physiotherapist for 27 years, working in the area of pelvic floor physiotherapy for 23 years. She has worked in public hospitals and more recently in private practice. Allison is the Secretary of the Public Hospitals Queensland Women’s, Men’s and Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Clinical Network. She is a Past President of the Queensland Branch of the Continence Foundation of Australia; she was the Winner of the Conni Australian Physiotherapist of the Year Award in 2019 (winning a trip to Sweden to attend the International Continence Society Conference in Gothenburg). Allison runs workshops to help other pelvic floor physiotherapists develop confidence with techniques to manage bowel conditions.

Kate is a physiotherapist with post graduate qualifications in pelvic floor rehabilitation. She has been working in the field of Women’s and Men’s Pelvic Health since 2002 and only treats conditions involving pelvic floor dysfunction.

She has extensive experience treating urinary incontinence, faecal incontinence, prolapse, functional bowel disorders and persistent pelvic pain.

Kate has three children and understands how important it is to remain active. She believes that although the pelvic region of our body is important, it should not rule our lives. As such the goal of all treatments is to ensure you can live your life to its fullest with minimal impact from pelvic floor dysfunction.

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