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Is Time Out Good For Your Relationship? Or Do You Just Head Straight For Divorce?


When you’ve been in a relationship for a very long time, it can get to the stage where you and your partner are just your irritations, resentments, and complaints when you’re interacting with each other.

The days where you were so in love that you listened to them as someone who is basically amazing are long gone. How do you get back to that (assuming that you want to)? CAN you get that back?

Many of us find ourselves reassessing our lives in midlife because we’re not happy with where we’re at or what our life looks like. It’s no great surprise that many women change their jobs or careers when they hit peri-menopause or that the fastest growing divorce rate is currently in people aged 60 and over.

But what if we’re aware that while something needs to change, we don’t necessarily want to end a relationship that we’ve put such a lot of effort into for such a long time? How do we get back on our feet and find a new direction in life without blowing our lives completely to smithereens?