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Why Is There An Epidemic Of Loneliness Among Teenagers? How Do You Deal With This As A Parent? With Psychologist Angela Karanja

Research continues to show that year after year 40% of our teenagers say they are lonely.

If they have a good network of people around them and all the resources they could possibly need, why is this happening?

Dealing with teenagers can be a difficult and daunting task particularly when they’re struggling with issues that we, as parents, may not be able to comprehend. Psychologist Angela Karanja is an expert in the behaviours of teenagers and educates parents and teachers on how to deal with both the teenagers concerns and their actions in a way that doesn’t fracture the adult/child relationship.

Join Angela and I in this fascinating discussion about teenagers, and find out how she’s helping vulnerable children. Listen now to learn more!

About Today’s Guest: Angela Karanja

Psychologist – Child & Adolescent Psychology & Applied Psychology Masters Degree

Angela Karanja is a world-renowned adolescent psychologist and parenting teenagers’ expert and the bestselling author of the young adult book SMUGGLED tackling the issues of child trafficking and exploitation.
Angela rose from an extremely impoverished background and childhood abuse and like a lotus thrived despite the mud and the muck.

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