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How To Find Love On A Dating App In Your 40s with Kylie Mitchell

What is it really like to navigate the online dating scene as a middle aged women?

How do you find the right person? And how do you know exactly who to avoid?

Entering the dating scene as an older women is daunting – especially when you are doing it within the online world. I think we are all aware of the people on these dating apps that are not looking for anything serious – so how do we deter these people?

Kylie Mitchell is someone who has not only used these apps, but succeeded in finding love on them, shares how important it is when curating a profile to attract the right types of people. She also tells us red flags to look for in the first message.

Listen now to find out Kylie’s experiences with online dating and how she successfully found someone. 

Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

About Today’s Guest: Kylie Mitchell

Owner and Creator of Art Houses by Kylie Mitchell

a multiple award-winning Accredited Building Designer, Interior Designer, and Artist who specializes in compact, sustainable, residential design

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