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Why Diets Fail and the Importance of Nutrition During Menopause for Real, Sustainable Weight Loss with Rachel Freiman

It’s one of the dreaded symptoms of menopause: The Menopause Belly, the weight that can’t be shifted no matter what you do. It’s as though suddenly, everything that used to work, no longer works anymore, it actually makes things worse.

Which leads to the question: what can we do? Not just to stay healthy but to lose that belly fat and begin to feel good about ourselves again?

In the quest for better health and fitness, particularly during menopause, it’s crucial to understand why traditional dieting approaches often fall short and how a more holistic view of nutrition can provide lasting solutions.

Rachel Freiman, author and founder of Mindstrong Fitness, discusses the neuroscience behind dieting and the importance of understanding nutrition as a skill. She explains why diets don’t work, how any kind of restriction isn’t sustainable and how to fuel your body the right way to achieve your weight loss goals.

She also highlights the impact of nutrition on menopause symptoms and the importance of raising one’s energy and vibration to live a fulfilled life.

Rachel Freiman, author and founder of Mindstrong Fitness

“We can absolutely fire up your metabolism through nutrition alone.”

Key Takeaways:

  • The real reason why diets don’t work.
  • What macros are and why we need to understand them.
  • The importance of personalised nutrition plans in sustainable weight loss.
  • Menopause does not have to negatively impact metabolism; proper nutrition can help fire up the metabolism.
  • How nutrition plays a significant role in minimising menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and sleep disturbances.
  • How taking control of nutrition and raising one’s energy and vibration can lead to a more fulfilled life.


“The world does not need another personal trainer. The world does not need another diet system.”

“Our metabolism slows down because our body doesn’t trust us anymore.”


0:03:45 | Rachel’s passion for teaching nutrition and debunking diet myths
0:07:34 | Changes in metabolism and exercise requirements for women
0:08:46 | The biology of aging and metabolism
0:10:39 | Trusting the body and firing up metabolism through nutrition
0:11:04 | The importance of lean muscle mass for longevity
0:11:28 | Importance of resistance training for women as they age
0:13:34 | Traditional diets based on restriction are not sustainable
0:15:22 | Personalized approach to nutrition using macros
0:22:00 | Impact of menopause on metabolism and hormones.
0:33:55 | Diet industry’s marketing and lack of empowerment
0:37:24 | Immediate empowerment and transformation through taking control
0:39:19 | Mindset shift from all in, all out to continuous progress

Rachel Freiman is the CEO of MindStrong Fitness, lover of donuts, and the the author of the bestselling book Becoming MindStrong: The Truth About Health, Fitness, and the Bullsh*t That’s Holding You Back.


She has more than fifteen years of classroom instruction, and certifications in personal training, sports nutrition, and behavior modification. Rachel developed MindStrong Fitness with an inside-out approach, to focus on both physical and mental attributes in building healthy, sustainable habits.

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