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Navigating the Holidays After Divorce: Tips for Dealing with Your Ex’s Family with Laura Petrie

When you and your ex-partner are trying to make arrangements for the Christmas celebrations with each family, things can easily spiral into a labyrinth of heightened emotions and pitfalls.

How do we not only manage but find joy and fulfilment in these intricate dynamics during the festive season?

How do we turn potential challenges into opportunities for growth and understanding?

In this episode, counsellor Laura Petrie talks about how to navigate relationships with ex-in-laws after a separation or divorce, particularly during the holiday season.

Laura shares her five tips for managing these situations, including setting up for success, including putting the children first, setting boundaries, thinking long term, and taking care of oneself.

divorce-relationships-Laura Petrie

Laura Petrie, Counsellor & Coach

“Remember that co-parenting is a long game, and you will be connected to your ex for the rest of your life.” –

Key Takeaways:

Key Takeaways:
  • Why setting clear expectations and communicating with your ex and their family is crucial before holiday events.
  • How to prioritise the well-being of your children while also considering your own mental health.
  • How to establish personal boundaries and decide what topics are off-limits for discussion.
  • How to navigate co-parenting effectively begins with understanding it as a long-term commitment.
  • How to prioritise your well-being involves practicing self-care and having a plan in place for managing stress and emotions, particularly during and after family gatherings


“Set yourself, your ex, and your children up for success by clarifying logistics and expectations before holiday events.”

“Decide who you want to be and how you want to present yourself in challenging situations.”


02:24 – Challenges of dealing with ex’s family during Christmas
04:14 – Importance of preparation and clear communication
09:29 – Putting the children first while considering mental health
10:53 – Balancing children’s needs with personal well-being
11:51 – Coping strategies for visiting ex’s family during holidays
13:48 – Setting boundaries and managing emotions during family events
16:15 – Importance of planning and preparing for social situations
17:50 – Having topics and responses prepared for awkward conversations
21:35 – Thinking about long-term co-parenting and future events
22:43 – Challenges of maintaining a connection with ex after divorce
27:37 – Take care of yourself; plan self-care activities
35:05 – Advice for mothers or mother-in-laws hosting Christmas lunch

Laura is a Counsellor & Coach, a solo Mumma to two gorgeous boys, a nature lover & a joy seeker, who went through a journey of personal development to transform her life from simply existing, to designing & living a life she loves!

Laura is a big believer in taking small, consistent steps towards change, and is passionate about supporting her clients to create the life and lifestyle they desire!

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