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Why Actors Have Breakdowns With Co-host Ryan O’Connor

There is much more complexity to acting than most people would expect or know, and while theatre seems straightforward and fun, there are adverse effects of getting into character that affect people on emotional and psychological levels

How and why can acting become dangerous? And what are the different types of methods for actors?

Did you know that in Germany, I think it’s about an hour after they’ve gone off stage the actors/actresses can’t be held accountable for any actions that they take towards a crime. They’ll still be charged, but they won’t be criminally culpable – they’ll be considered to be insane. The nature of getting into character has its effects on our psychological state, and especially when you are getting into the character of a murderer or in Ryan’s case, a wife beater. 

Join us for a fascinating deep dive into the world of theatre and the interesting ways our body handles the changes an actor/actress makes when getting into character.

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About Today’s Guest: Ryan O'Connor

Playwrite, award winning Actor, Director, Published Author

Owner of Someone New Theatre Company

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