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The psychology behind politics with co-host Ryan O’Connor

Why does so much of modern politics come from a space of fear and negativity?

I am quite disappointed in politicians… where is the compassion?

This is quite a confronting subject for many – due to its controversial nature it’s one of those topics that isn’t talked about. However, I’ve never been one to shy away from sharing my opinion, and this podcast is no exception to that.

The recent election in Australia has seen political parties go through their usual election battle for public support. The way they that does not align with my, or, I assume, many other people’s values.

Why do they fight for approval in such an uncompassionate way?

I’m talking about the campaigns being focused on why you shouldn’t vote for the other party or why the other parties are bad, etc. Why don’t they focus on what their party they themselves stand for, and why their policies are going to create change.

We also see this same negative behaviour within debates; members are constantly interrupting, speaking over one another or calling each other names. It’s just rude. Unfortunately, there seems to be a chaotic relationship between the political parties, and a lot of their power is based in fear. 

Join myself and Ryan O’Connor in this fascinating discussion about Australian politics and the inner workings of our nation’s parties. This (hopefully!) highly engaging episode contains our personal opinions and perspectives.

“It’s saddens me that the leaders of countries across the world don’t embrace the idea of throwing off the shackles of fear and saying, this is the country we can live in in which we don’t have to be afraid.”

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About Today’s Guest Ryan O’Connor

Award Winning Actor, Director and Playwrite

Co-founder and executive director of Someone New Theatre Company, the winner of the 2019 Grace Marion Wilson Trust Award for Playwriting, and an acclaimed actor and director throughout NSW and Victoria

Ryan J O’Connor is a Geelong-based writer of original, alternative plays and prose.

He also has a thriving business that creates Dungeons and Dragons maps and characters.

He is also an excellent baker, a trained stage-combatist, a terrible gardener, and a moderately talented poker player.

He does his best writing while trying to avoid his responsibilities, but loves to tell ‘alternative’ stories: romantic comedies about Death, coming-of-age stories about old men, and science-fiction tales about mythological creatures, just to name a few.

Connect with Ryan: