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Why we need to reduce the stigma around menopause with Melissa MacGowan

Menopausal women find themselves struggling to stay at their jobs, keeping their relationships healthy, and become physically and mentally exhausted.

But what if there were ways to deal with the symptoms? What if more people had awareness so they don’t have to suffer in silence?

Menopause is often seen as something that a woman should keep to her self, her own private secret. More recently, it has been talked about openly but it’s still largely considered a taboo topic and women continue to suffer in silence.

It is a wasted resource when a female leaves her job or is fired because they’re going through menopause. The experience of the woman and her value to the company is lost. Additionally, the direct, tangible costs of replacement, as well as time and knowledge loss is also detrimental to the company – especially when it can be avoided…

Menopause can be a brutal experience, physically and mentally, particularly when you don’t know how to manage symptoms. Sharing information about menopause is vital so that women don’t have to lose their jobs, put stress on their relationships or suffer by themselves.

Join Melissa Macgowan and I in this fascinating and thought-provoking conversation. In this episode, we discuss the impacts of menopause and how it affects all areas of a woman’s life.


About Today’s Guest: Melissa Macgowan

Bachelor Applied Science & Physical Education. Post Graduate Business and Human Resources

Melissa is a mum of four, veteran c-suite executive, leadership
coach, menopause educator and advocate.

Melissa MacGowan is a mum of four and Menopause Champion. After she quit her corporate career to improve her health after struggling with burnout and the early onset of menopause at 44, she founded her company, Meno Collective. Melissa realised there was a total lack of awareness on the many impacts of menopause at work and decided to do something to change that. Her mission is one that strives to make menopause a superpower to help women and businesses thrive.

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