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Relationship difficulties, adjustment disorder and repetition compulsion With Psychologist Romy Kunitz

Do you consistently repeat bad behaviours or traumatic events? Are you struggling to get over a breakup, a passing of a loved one, or big changes happening in your life?

Romy Kunitz is a highly experienced psychologist who specialises mainly in adults and couple therapy. In this episode she brings her expertise on how to navigate change and stop repeating negative patterns.

Actually, a lot of the time when people are going through trauma, they don’t realise they’re going through trauma. For example, COVID was a trauma for most people. It has been a massive adjustment for everybody, and with that uncertainty, lack of control and change has caused people to go through adjustment disorder. 

As human beings, we cannot avoid trauma, loss or change, so join myself and Romy in this episode to discuss how best to navigate tough times, overcome repetition compulsion and how to adapt. 

About Today’s Guest: Romy Kunitz

Clinical social worker, clinical psychologist (Cum Laude) and an executive coach.

She brings with her a wealth of experience of over 23 years in private practice. Her specific clinical interests include relationship issues, trauma, stress management, eating disorders, personal loss, parenting, working with adults, couples and teenagers.

Romy is frequently called upon to appear on TV, for podcasts and to write magazine articles on related topics
Therapy is not easy, but the process is meaningful and life-changing when you engage with someone you trust

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