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Reshaping Your Reality: Psychological Strategies for Shifting Limiting Beliefs with Dr Kirsty Seward Behavioural Change Expert

Body image, overeating, bingeing, overexercising, self image, they all go hand in hand. You can’t change any of them permanently without getting to the reasons behind the beliefs that cause that behaviour

Self-awareness and understanding one’s emotional relationship with food play a pivotal role. Recognising triggers, such as stress, boredom, or emotional eating patterns, allows us to develop healthier coping mechanisms.

But how do we recognise those behaviours?

Dr Kirsty Seward is fascinated by behavioural change, why some of it works, why most of it doesn’t and how do we as individuals find what does work for us and then apply it.

This is not your average podcast talking about body image or eating disorders. This is a deep dive into the why’s, into how we begin to recognise our behaviours, understand them and how we put new behaviours in place, ones that are more beneficial to us and our goals in life.

Join us now…

About Today’s Guest: Dr Kirsty Seward

Bach nutrition and dietetics
Doctorate of behavioural science Books.Elementary/Special Ed. Physical Ed./ Health Teacher

Dr Kirsty Seward is online behaviour change scientist, dietitian and body image coach with over 10 years of experience in the health and wellness industry.

Kirsty has experienced her own personal struggles with body image, excessive exercise and punishing her body to meet society’s beauty ideals. And at age 25 she got breast implants, to then have them removed less than 5 years later battling breast implant illness (BII)

She understands that women are constantly bombarded with messages about how they should look and what they should eat. Her mission is to help women break free from the diet cycle, find their happy weight and cultivate BODY CONFIDENCE!

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